[Kolab-devel] [issue621] Error message during kolabconf -n

Jan Schneider kolab-issues at intevation.de
Mon Jan 17 13:34:05 CET 2005

New submission from Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:

During the bootstrap process when "/kolab/sbin/kolabconf -n" is executed, I get
the following error message:

Can't call method "attributes" on an undefined value at
/kolab/lib/perl/vendor_perl/5.8.5/Kolab.pm line 178, <DATA> line 283.
Compilation failed in require at /kolab/sbin/kolabconf line 34, <DATA> line 283.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /kolab/sbin/kolabconf line 34, <DATA> line283.

kill temporary slapd

This is with Kolab2 Beta 2

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nosy: yunosh
status: unread
title: Error message during kolabconf -n
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