[Kolab-devel] Re: beware of obmtool

Thomas Lotterer thl at dev.de.cw.com
Tue Jul 27 09:57:29 CEST 2004

On Mon, Jul 26, 2004, Martin Konold wrote:


> Am Montag, 26. Juli 2004 15:59 schrieb Thomas Lotterer:
> another strange effect. I am installing on a SUSE 9.1 system (using
> src.rpm from a Debian 3.1 system) and get:
> mail:/space/scratch # openpkg rpm -qpi /kolab/RPM/PKG/zlib-1.2.1-2.1.0.ix86-debian3.1-zfos.rpm
> [...] Build System: ix86-debian3.1 [...]
> I think the Build System should be verified not simply be taken fron the 
> openpkg bootstrap script?!
you are querying a binary RPM intended for use with ix86-debian3.1. It
was obviously build on a Debian machine. Nothing is wrong here. The
question is just where this file came from as it was surely not created
on the SuSE box.

In contrast, OpenPKG source RPMs are arch-os neutral and are intended
for use with any (technically possible) arch-os combination. However, if
you query a source RPMs you'll still see a "Build System" which simply
identifies the system that rolled the SRPM.

Example to reproduce using files from the OpenPKG 2.1 release:

$ openpkg rpm -qpi ftp://ftp.openpkg.org/release/2.1/SRC/netcat-1.10-2.1.0.src.rpm | fgrep Build
Release:  2.1.0                     Build Host:   dv1.dev.de.cw.net
Group:    Network                   Build System: ix86-freebsd4.10
Class:    BASE                      Build Time:   Fri Jul  2 17:30:36 2004

This SRPM was created on a FreeBSD machine but this doesn't matter.
It was used on every arch-os we built binary RPMs for and for example
Solaris 9 results in:

$ openpkg rpm -qpi ftp://ftp.openpkg.org/release/2.1/BIN/sparc64-solaris9/netcat-1.10-2.1.0.sparc64-solaris9-openpkg.rpm | fgrep Build
Release:  2.1.0                     Build Host:   dv9.dev.de.cw.net
Group:    Network                   Build System: sparc64-solaris9
Class:    BASE                      Build Time:   Wed Jul 14 08:21:20 2004

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