[Kolab-devel] Kolab 2.0 Release Coordination

Richard Bos richard.bos at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 26 23:00:01 CEST 2004

Op zondag 11 juli 2004 12:52, schreef Martin Konold:
> > No.  See, my 1st remark (starting with 'And now you'), kolab should be
> > relocatable!  Leave, the rest up to the community and accept patches
> > concerning relocation.  Once kolab is relocatable distributions can start
> > thinking to _integrate_ kolab into their distribution.
> Ok, I am now convinced that we need more relocateable than the currently
> provided simple prefix.

How to deal with the following construction from 'kolabd';

my $prefix = $Kolab::config{'prefix'};
my $pidfile = IO::File->new("$prefix/var/kolab/kolab.pid", 'w+')
    || die "Unable to open PID file `$prefix/var/kolab/kolab.pid'";

If made it (once) relocatable with autotools.  I did it as follows;

my $pidfile = IO::File->new("@kolab_pid_file@", 'w+')
    || die "Unable to open PID file `@kolab_pid_file@'";

Where @kolab_pid_file@ has been defined as @sysconfdir@/kolab/kolab.pid (this 
might not completely correct as I did it a long time ago), but you get the 
idea.  @sysconfdir@ = @prefix@/var and @prefix@ is defined by the user.  In 
case of openpkg @prefix@ = /kolab

Would this be a correct conversion or do I miss something as $prefix seems to 
be retrieved from a config file....


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