[Kolab-devel] Kolab 2.0 Release Coordination

Stephan Buys list at codefusion.co.za
Thu Jul 8 08:53:12 CEST 2004


On Wednesday 07 July 2004 19:25, Martin Konold wrote:
> > > I expect in the middle of October some rather nice Proko2 packages. From
> > > these packages we will work towards a true Kolab 2.0 release.
> >
> > Any date suggestions?
> You want to know whatI think when Kolab 2.0 is ready? I _personally_ expect it 
> before christmas ;-)
:-) I guess we could always roll the clients with the interoperability separately.
We don't really need Kolab2/Proko2. In the end it is all about the clients...
Except for ANNOTATEMORE support in the imapd.
> > > What do you mean with dropping the META_FILE handling?
> >
> > This should have been template META_DATA handling. It is explained here:
> > http://www.kolab.org/pipermail/kolab-devel/2004-January/000802.html
> So you want to drop it? What is the successor then?
No, definitely dont want to drop it. Was just suggesting that if it would delay the
release of Kolab2 we could rather roll the functionality into Kolab2.1 or something.

> > Cleaning up the OpenLDAP schema and separating it into separate 
> > schema files. 
> I am currently working on this and want to finish it already for 2.0
That is good to hear. The current scheme works well, it just isn't following what I
consider "best practice". We ran into an issue with the ZfOS release where they
removed one of the attributes from the standard schema files and built it into
OpenLDAP, if we were running standard Schema files this would not have
created an issue, but as it turned out we needed to edit the kolab.schema file
to get OpenLDAP to work again.

> > - Completing the Bootstrap work (as per the design 
> > submitted a couple of weeks ago)
> Steffen is currently heavily working on the bootstrapping due to the 
> multi-location support.

> > - Making Kolab easier to install.
> How?
Dont know :-) I am happy with the obmtool process. 


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