[Kolab-devel] Kolab 2.0 Release Coordination

Dan Ohnesorg Dan at ohnesorg.cz
Tue Jul 6 16:09:04 CEST 2004

Dne Tue, Jul 06, 2004 at 01:14:01PM +0200, Bo Thorsen napsal:

> > Mush haves:
> > - Kolab XML format interoperability.
> > - Template META_DATA handling.
> > - Kolab Web Client.
> > - Proko2 work... (Kontact, etc.)
> Sounds good to me.

I was very busy in last half year. But now I am in better condition.

I am runnig kolab for about a year and I have patched (or better to say
hacked) them to support this feature:

we are using another "email" as login and another for sending mails. So a
user uses for login usr at domain.cz and for sending email
MyFull.Name at domain.cz, so the two formats are exchanges over virtual tables
and canonical maps in postfix. I find it usefull and more secure, when the
login names aren't easy to guess. It is also simplier for users to write
only short name by every login into web frontend.

What need to be done for this:

* change LDAP schema to have separate field for outer email address

* change scripts to generate virtual and canonical maps, or better not to
generate maps at all, but change postfix configuration to query LDAP
directly like this:

alias_maps = ldap:kolabldap

> > - Making Kolab easier to install. Refer to
> > http://dot.kde.org/1088551278/ where the author basically says Kolab is
> > a Pain In The Ass to setup :-)

definietly, the firt install was very complicated and now I will upgrade in
august to openpkg 2.0 and I am not sure, how hard it will be.

> One biggie for a lot of people: Multidomain support. I assume real virtual 
> domains are not easy to set up with the kolab stuff. But how about doing 
> the "soft" solution where the system can run alias domains? So if we have 
> domains called foo.org and bar.org, then mails to X at foo.org and X at bar.org 
> will both go to the same X account. Could this be done reasonably easy?

Kolab ist, at least in part of cyrus configuration, ready to support this.
Horde too, LDAP ist not problem, probably hardest to modify will be kolab
scripts and define some security schema to make sure, that subdomain admins
won't broke another domain.

Users will be very happy if spamasssasin and the horde sam module to control
them will be integrated into webclient.

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