[Kolab-devel] Kolab CF

Dan Ohnesorg Dan at ohnesorg.cz
Tue Jan 20 12:08:04 CET 2004

Dne Tue, Jan 20, 2004 at 11:24:31AM +0200, Stephan Buys napsal:

I am using kolab for only some months, but I have also some ideas.

> 1) zfos uses pure OpenPKG-current packages, the erfrakon releases have some
> packages with patches which diverge from OpenPKG. I cant say for sure, but
> I think that most of the important patches from erfrakon have been integrated into
> OpenPKG-current. 

This is right. First it was complicated to compile OpenPKG, some patches
from kolab didn't work. After some time there was security problem in cyrus
imap, compile the new original version of them was very complicated, I
needed about one hour to resolve all the conflict. So I will prefer not
patching OpenPKG, or better use distibution native version of packages, but
it will be more complicated.

> Because there are extra dependencies which we didn't have time to address
> the new web client will only work with the zfos/kolab-cf releases. (Needed
> some extra libraries and mysql)

Ops why? For client preferencies? I have sucesfully patched kolab to store
preferencies in LDAP, I don't see any bonus from using some more packages in
kolab. And MySQL is more complicated to replicate than LDAP. LDAP has many
advantages over SQL server, replication, ACL, wider support in applications,
coexistence with user authentication and samba.

> > And the situation on
> > the ftp servers is the same like months before. It's hard to convice my
> > bosses to stick to Kolab,
> > there is indeed pressure to give Skyrix or even OpenExchange from SuSE a
> > try. Showing them that

Not there, OGo doesn't support any other character set than ISO-8859-1,
there isn't localization into Czech. Horde is widely used here and as the
kolab webclient look's like mostly used IMP (it's IMP in fact), it's
accepted. Tolltec connector will be localized too. But it's right, that for
managing users you need other software, like gq, admin interface of kolab
isn't usable. And I don't understand, why postfix isn't delivering directly
by maps stored in LDAP, the part of regenerating configuration from
templates seems be complicated, when you will work directly with LDAP.


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