[Kolab-devel] First beta of Kolab 2.0 released

Bernhard Herzog bh at intevation.de
Thu Dec 23 19:01:29 CET 2004

Hi all,

We've just released the first beta of the Kolab server version 2.0.  The
packages should show up on the mirrors soon.  They'll be in the new
directory server/beta/kolab-server-2.0-beta-1 .

Changes since the last development release (2004-12-01) include quite a
few bug-fixes and the new script /kolab/bin/kolabpasswd to change the
password of the manager account and other internal kolab users.

The changes in more detail (taken from release-notes.txt):

Changes from 20041201:

	- obmtool.conf 20041201 -> 20041123
		* Fixing:
			Issue584 (system libgcrypt can cause mail loss/bounce)

	- kolabd 20041201 -> 20041123

		* New script /kolab/bin/kolabpasswd to change the
                  manager password and the passwords of other internal
                  kolab users

		* Fixing:
			Issue488 (procedure to change the manager password)
			Issue574 (wrong permissions on backup files)

	- kolab-resource-handlers 20041201 -> 20041223
		* Fixing
			Issue548 (fbview: larger icons)
			Issue557 (passwd in errormsg)
			Issue562 (forwarded emails bounced in from check)
			Issue576 (header check too strict --> lost mails)
			Issue546 (Make monthview slightly larger)
			Issue585 (from envelope header check case sensitive)
			Issue565 (too small/invisible busyblocks)

	- kolab-webadmin 20041201 -> 20041223
		* Fixing:
			Issue329 (legacy status for ftp etc.)
			Issue561 (empty invitation policy shown misleadingly)
			Issue277 (login while account is being deleted)
			Issue580 (Mail delivery shown wrong in web interface)
			Issue582 (fb interval not saved in ldap)
			Issue579 (Option to allow unauthorized fb download)


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