[Kolab-devel] What can I do?

Hamish lists at subvs.co.uk
Wed Dec 15 14:35:10 CET 2004

> I would prefer an attached patch, which is easier to save.
> Also I think it should not be a news as the final place it not ready yet
> so only put it to the right in the navigation bar.
Ok, patch attached - it is under "mirrors" on the right (footer.html 
>>I have added a sourceforge
>>project: kodoc, and have applied for a mysql db to host the wiki, I will
>>move it here as soon as it is ready.
> No, please no sourceforge project, I like to avoid it
> and as it will be there forever I do not want to have another
> half project lying there.

OK - like I said, this is a home machine, i will try to find other 
hosting for it.

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