[Kolab-devel] What can I do?

Hamish lists at subvs.co.uk
Mon Dec 13 15:01:11 CET 2004

  > I think we should avoid wget, becaue of its bad security.
I am not sure of a way to do this otherwise, is it possible to rsync? or 
should the files be downloaded individually? From the main ftp it is ok 
because you can get the whole directory, but the mirrors seem to be http 
only - im sure im missing something!

> Also there should be a diversion depending on 
> if you get the binaries or the sources.
I did not know binaries were available. Could you tell me where to find 
these please? Also how is the installation different? I saw the debian 
rpms, are these the binaries? I will have to get a dabian box to play 
with then...

> Yes, we need lots of help with the website.
Tell me where to start.

I guess it is then ok to carry on with the Wiki? I think it is a great 
way to quickly develop a good knowledge base. This is hosted at the 
moment on my home machine, so it is not that reliable, could this go on 
the main kolab wwwserver? I can probably arrange some more reliable 
hosting if needed.

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