[Kolab-devel] changing manager password

Maximilian Winkler maximilian.winkler at fh-deggendorf.de
Thu Dec 9 10:17:32 CET 2004


we are using kolab2 in a production environment. Yes I know, it is still 
beta ...
Thanks to the developers for this fine piece of software.

My question: I upgraded from kolab-20040901 to kolab-20041201 recently.
The former version allowed to change the manager password via webgui.

The current version is still missing such a feature. Now, as I have to 
change to manager password: Which configuration files have to be 
modified? Maybe I can have some hints from the developers?
I want to make sure to keep a working version ;-)

many greetings,

Maximilian Winkler

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