Changes to 'dev/fix_autoconfig_ldap'

Sandro Knauß knauss at
Mon Nov 17 13:34:58 CET 2014

New branch 'dev/fix_autoconfig_ldap' available with the following commits:
commit a65479500eea53c3d9945456abb6c4ca619374b7
Author: Sandro Knauß <knauss at>
Date:   Mon Nov 17 12:36:54 2014 +0100

    Accountwizard: Ldap, set the baseDN correctly if is not an email.
    If basedn is a valid dn, than do not pretend dn= a second time.
    Also make sure, that the hostname is written to the kmail2rc config and
    not a basedn string.
    KOLAB: #3913

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