Changes to 'dev/accountwizard_edit'

Sandro Knauß knauss at
Wed Oct 22 13:46:40 CEST 2014

New branch 'dev/accountwizard_edit' available with the following commits:
commit 914c939047af25380624c569f8d344461e77843a
Author: Sandro Knauß <mail at>
Date:   Wed Oct 22 13:27:22 2014 +0200

    resource/kolab: Add functunality to edit buttons in wizard
    The user should be able in any case to edit all configuations, that are
    set via the accountwizard. Also if there are no autoconfig are found.
    Additonaly use the new freebusy config file "akonadi-calendarrc".
    KOLAB: 3728

commit 51433c0e9eec006ad94e4ad77cdc525ede6e7bb8
Author: Sandro Knauß <mail at>
Date:   Wed Oct 22 13:26:06 2014 +0200

    Move accountwizard from kdepim-runtime -> kdepim

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