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Wed Sep 19 14:01:23 CEST 2012

Tag 'kolab-syncroton-1.0.0' created by Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) <vanmeeuwen at> at 2012-09-19 13:00 +0200

Release 1.0.0
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since the dawn of time:
Aleksander Machniak (114):
      Initial commit
      Update libs
      Update from upstream
      Update libkolab
      Update libkolab
      Update libkolab
      Roundcube Framework update
      Replace Zend autoloader with custom autoloader, to hide warnings from kolabformat
      Update libkolab
      Roundcube Framework update
      Update libkolab
      Add PHP configuration option setting (for Roundcube Framework)
      Added kolab backend for contacts and folder state handling, other changes here and there
      Use SQL backend for all Syncroton backends except for device.
      Added transaction manager
      Update libkolab
      libkolab update
      Update kolab_storage/kolab_format
      Update Framework
      kolab_storage update
      Completed contacts backend, improvements here and there, CS
      Added setBody/getBody methods
      Calendar backend
      Update libkolab
      Calendar backend and other improvements
      Make quote() method static
      Added DDL file, code improvements
      Update libs
      Commented out UNIQUE KEY to make tests working again - to be investigated
      Subscribe to default folders on device creation
      Update Syncroton
      Update to new Syncroton API (@TODO: Body handling)
      Fix some parse errors in last commits
      Fix letter case issues (e.g. in synchronizin folders)
      Fix so on device creation only personal default folders are being subscribed to
      Remove debug code
      Fix contact birthday and anniversary fields handling
      Syncroton update
      Update to new API body handling
      Fix handling some fields in contact data
      Fixed handling of some contact address fields
      Fix unfinished calendar backend
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Fix contact field names, fix warning when using max() on empty array
      Fix contact phone numbers synchronisation client -> server (#907)
      Improved handling of username in form domain\username
      Added activesync_debug configuration option
      Fix unsetting complex array items in kolab format array
      Fix events synchronization
      Fixed detecting changes - wrong timezone was used
      Email data backend
      Move some code from calendar to main data class, it will be used by tasks module too
      libkolab update
      Fix synchronization of all-day events
      Fix event BusyStatus and MeetingStatus handling
      Fix some typos, fix event sensitivity field synchronization
      Added .htaccess files
      Update Syncroton
      Added Tasks backend
      Added copyright headers
      Some fixes in Email data backend
      Remove leftover debug code, add (empty) methods for sending emails
      Update kolab_storage/format
      Syncroton update
      Update Roundcube Framework
      Remove MDB2 package
      Added required libs
      Removed MDB2 package. Fixed Email body and attachments handling
      Auto-subscribe to all mail special folders, small code improvements
      Implemented SendMail command
      Fix error in count(), patch from upstream ;)
      Implemented SmartReply and SmartForward
      Applied performance fix from upstream
      Added lost Syncroton files
      Search: Implemented Store model plus some improvements
      Update Roundcube Framework
      Implemented Search with Email/GAL backends
      Update Syncroton, update code for the new API
      Perf. optimization: don't call SELECT after INSERT, check last_insert_id and return function argument
      FIx for the last API change, email default folder wasn't detected properly
      Perf. optimization: replace two similiar queries with one
      Implemented email message flag (followup) handling
      Code cleanup, fixes in empty values handling
      Cleanup, remove useless code
      Update login_lc option handling
      Update Roundcube Framework
      Code cleanup
      Fix typo in _deleteOtherStates()
      Update Syncroton
      Small improvements in email backend, added lost PEAR packages
      Update Syncroton, update code for API changes
      Added logger class
      Update Syncroton
      Fix so INBOX is subscribed by default again, subscribe task.default folder by default too
      Don't use AirSyncBase:Body element on old devices (protocol version < 12)
      Throw exception when email sending fails
      Improved error handling in moveItems command handler
      Implemented Body conversion between plain and html text formats
      Handle properly conversion to/from unsupported type, return empty instead of unconverted string
      Fixed some errors
      Improved message sending: Use default idenity if From: is not set,
      Fix date format in IMAP SEARCH
      More fixes
      Syncroton update (with byteArray support)
      Fix searching email by Received date
      Fixed email folders handling, fixed some minor issues
      Add References header setting on mail reply
      Update Syncroton, update code for API changes
      Fix Roundcube version number
      Fix error when connecting after removing device from the list in Roundcube
      Fix typo
      Small comment fix
      Update Roundcube Framework
      Fix parse error from last commit

Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) (2):
      Provide sample apache configuration
      This is now called version 1.0.0

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