Kolab 3 Major Bug

Jeroen van Meeuwen vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com
Tue Sep 18 11:28:06 CEST 2012

On Monday, September 17, 2012 08:20:06 PM Mathew Zummo wrote:
> the following round cube config files have the same bug
>  PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected '{' in
> /etc/roundcubemail/kolab_folders.inc.php on line 15,
> thats because the IF statement needs another ")" to end the IF block   this
> is in all the inc.php files btw...

That is a bug indeed, thanks for catching it.

It was introduced in dfb7f341a65de9c8cfce925484ac7a7b755598e4[1], and I'm not 
sure why I haven't caught it before...

I'll patch the packages and get them out as soon as I can.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

Systems Architect

Kolab Systems AG
Zürich, Switzerland

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w: http://kolabsys.com

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