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Updated roadmap for client and server.

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 <a href="">wishes</a>
 <a href="">features</a>
-listed in the Kolab issue tracker. As soon as these are actually
-put on the todo list of the developers they should be listed
-here as well.
+listed in the Kolab issue tracker. This is only a rough overview.
@@ -24,7 +22,13 @@
 over Proko2. Currently intermediate releases happen very few weeks for 
 testing. Packagers are already picking this up.
-Stabilization to enterprise production quality is planned for Q1 2008.
+Stabilization to enterprise production quality is planned for Q2 2008.
+<h2>KDE Kolab Client Enterprise4 </h2>
+This is the next generation in development. The client will be based
+on KDE4 technology, but without Akonadi. We expect it to be in beta Q3 2008
+and production ready end of 2008.
 <h2>KDE Kolab Client Proko2 stable series</h2>
@@ -34,8 +38,10 @@
 <h2>Kolab Server 2.2 series</h2>
-Current beta quality release is 2.2-beta2, it already has 
-the planned features:
+At time of writing we are issuing release candidates for this series,
+with some people already running it in production. Current is 2.2-rc2.
+Major improvements over Server 2.1:
 Update to a new OpenPKG version.</li>
 <li>Integration of new upstream versions (with many of the kolab patches 
@@ -43,22 +49,13 @@
 Re-engineerd Horde-based web client as modular add-on package for the Kolab 
 Server/OpenPKG version.</li><li>
 More complete support for 64 bit architectures.</li>
-Planned is 2.2-beta3 in early December.
-<li>Some Webclient problems resolved.
 <li>Implementation of new concept for extended freebusy list which is good for the teamleader overview usecase.
-The 2.2.0 release is planned for Q1 2008.
-Before at least one rc release is likely.
+Planned is 2.2-rc3 in April and 2.2 final release in May 2008.
 <h2>Kolab Server 2.1 release series</h2>
-Current is 2.1.0 Final
+Current is 2.1.0 Final. No further releases planned. 

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