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Making pxfb and xpfb consistant to pxfb (which is more logical).
Fixed a few typos.
Improved clarity: Made sure that readers will understand that one trigger
	is enough to trigger the creation of both pxfb and pfb.

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@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@
 Multi-Group Calendars
 On a Kolab server there may be several "shared folders" containing calendars. 
-Technically those folder are like "anonymous" users accounts
+Technically those folders are like "anonymous" user accounts
 and a better name might be "multi-group folders".
 Their indented use is to include a larger number of people, 
 like all members a company. 
@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@
 user/group2/myhierarchie/calendar (3, fb)
 If a client changes the contents of one of those calenders, 
-it must trigger the creation of the pfb and xpdf as described below.
+it must trigger the creation of the pfb and pxfb as described below.
 This will be done with the credential of the user that has
 write permissions.
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@
 pfb cache
-The pfb and xpfb are written to the accounts pfb cache hierarchy. 
+The pfb and pxfb are written to the account's pfb cache hierarchy. 
@@ -142,7 +142,8 @@
 the server side code. The server side code then uses these credentials to 
 access the calendar folders and to write the pfbs.
-To trigger creation of a pfb (and xpfb), issue a HTTP GET request like:
+To trigger creation of a pfb (and the corresponding pxfb at the same time), 
+issue an HTTP GET request like:
@@ -162,9 +163,10 @@
 but the pfb collector must be able 
 to read all pfbs from potentially many servers (multi-location setups).
-The xpfb are only readable by users having read permissions 
-on the corresponding folders. 
-Creation of xpfbs happens at when pfbs are created.
+The pxfb are only readable 
+by users having read permissions on the corresponding folders. 
+Creation of pxfbs happens together with the pfb creation. 
+One successful trigger does both.
 In general all clients writing to calendar folders including the KDE Client Kontact, the Outlook Clients,
 the web client and the resource scripts must trigger the generation of pfbs.
@@ -181,8 +183,8 @@
 can read and which are marked fb relevant.
 If an extended freebusy list is requested, the script has to use the
-given credentials of the users to try to access the xpfbs in the same way.
-If access to the xpfb is not possible, use the corresponding pfb.
+given credentials of the users to try to access the pxfbs in the same way.
+If access to the pxfb is not possible, use the corresponding pfb.
 The URLs for collecting freebusy info are

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