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A draft version of the new kolab-freebusy package. This is now only the webserver part and also requires the PEAR-style Kolab_Freebusy library within php-kolab.

Originally written by Steffen Hansen <steffen at>

  Copyright (c) 2004 - 2007  Steffen Hansen
  Copyright (c) 2004 - 2007  Klaraelvdalens Datakonsult AB

Portions based on work by the following people:

  (c) 2004         Stuart Bingë         <s.binge at>
  (c) 2006         Thomas Jarosch       <thomas.jarosch at>
  (c) 2005 - 2006  Richard Bos          <richard at>
  (c) 2005 - 2006  Marcus Hüwe          <suse-tux at>
  (c) 2005 - 2006  Martin Konold        <martin.konold at>
  (c) 2006 - 2007  Gunnar Wrobel        <wrobel at>

Portions based on work by the following companies:

  (c) 2004         Code Fusion cc
  (c) 2006         Intra2net AG
  (c) 2005 - 2006  erfrakon Partnerschaftsgesellschaft
  (c) 2006 - 2007  p at rdus

Contributions by the following people:

  Sascha Wilde  <wilde at>  

(Established based on the following guidlines:

 People with CVS access and more than two commits are being listed in
 the first list, their corresponding company in the second list. The
 order of appearences is sorted by date of last contribution, longest
 period of contributions and finally based on alphabetical order. The
 listed contributors comitted less than three patches or do not have
 CVS access.)
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2006-11-22  Gunnar Wrobel  <wrobel at>

	* freebusy/

	Avoid notices because of undefined

	Avoid notices because of undefined $_REQUEST['cache'] and

	* freebusy/

	Avoid notices because of undefined

	* freebusy/ ():

	Completed fixing cache dir path problem.

2006-11-22  Sascha Wilde  <wilde at>

	* freebusy/ Replaced @freebusy_cachedir@ with

2006-11-22  Gunnar Wrobel  <wrobel at>

	* freebusy/

	Fixed cache dir path problem described in

	and introduced with

	The use of $params['kolab_prefix'] originated from the original
	caching patch but should not be used as introduced with

	since this breaks compatibility with running kolab on other

2006-11-13  Gunnar Wrobel  <wrobel at>

	* freebusy/

	Trailing newline introduced in
	may trigger php warnings depending on php verbosity

2006-03-28 Richard Bos <richard at>
	* freebusy/ Add missing prefix 'kolab_php_module_prefix'

2005-12-17 richard Bos <richard at>
	* freebusy/,
	  freebusy/ @freebusy_cachefile@ replaced by

 Installing kolab-freebusy

This document contains instructions for installing the Kolab free/busy
support on your server. Usually you won't need to do this manually
since it is part of the OpenPKG based installation of the Kolab
Groupware Server. These instructions are only relevant if you wish to
install free/busy on a non-OpenPKG platform.

Obtaining kolab-freebusy

Currently no source packages of kolab-freebusy are being
distributed. You will have to use CVS to check out the source code and
build a package by running

 make tar


To function properly, kolab-freebusy requires the following:

1. PHP:

   You need a PHP variant that has been patched for Kolab. It needs to
   support IMAP annotations. You are advised to use PHP 5

2. The following Horde PEAR packages (They should be availabe if you
   installed horde-framweork):

   a. Horde_Util

   b. Horde_String

2. The following Kolab PEAR packages:

   a. Kolab_Freebusy

Installing kolab-freebusy

kolab-freebusy is written in PHP, and must be installed in a
web-accessible directory.  The precise location of this directory will
differ from system to system.  Conventionally, kolab-freebusy is
installed in the /freebusy directory in the webserver's document tree.

Since kolab-freebusy is written in PHP, there is no compilation
necessary; simply expand the distribution where you want it to reside
and rename the root directory of the distribution to whatever you wish
to appear in the URL.  For example, with the Apache webserver's
default document root of ``/usr/local/apache/htdocs``, you would

   cd /usr/local/apache/htdocs/horde
   tar zxvf /path/to/kolab-freebusy-x.y.z.tar.gz

and would then find Kronolith at the URL


Configuring kolab-freebusy

You can modify the config.php within the kolab-freebusy base directory
to suit you needs but on a standard Kolab Server installation you will
usually have a configuration template somewhere in your
kolab/templates directory that will get rewritten to the location of
the config.php file.

Make sure the values within that template match your platform.

Obtaining Support

If you encounter problems with kolab-freebusy, help is available!

1. Wiki

   A lot of typical question have been collected in the Kolab wiki at

   You'll find both a FAQ and a troubleshooting section there.

2. Mailing lists

   The Kolab project also runs a number of mailing lists where you ask
   all the question left unanswered by the wiki.  Information,
   archives, and subscription information can be found at

3. IRC

   Kolab developers, contributors and users may also be found on IRC,
   on the channel #kolab on the Freenode Network (

4. Commercial support

   Commercial support is available at

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