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Fri Jun 17 16:50:34 CEST 2005

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Remove the now obsolete warning added for RC2 about the from header
checks.  They shold be working properly with RC4

Add a note about config files when updating

Add RC4 specific update notes.

Index: README.1st
RCS file: /kolabrepository/server/README.1st,v
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retrieving revision 1.23
diff -u -d -r1.22 -r1.23
--- README.1st	14 Jun 2005 19:27:53 -0000	1.22
+++ README.1st	17 Jun 2005 14:50:32 -0000	1.23
@@ -3,12 +3,6 @@
 For more information on Kolab, see
-WARNING: For rc2 we recomment disabling the "envelope header from" check in
-set "$params['verify_from_header'] = false" and run kolabconf.
-Otherwise emails originating from your server going through an external
-mailinglist might not reach users inside of your domain because of Issue783.
 Quick install instructions
@@ -47,7 +41,11 @@
 # ./obmtool kolab
 obmtool will usually automatically determine which packages need to be
-built.  Then regenerate the configuration with 
+built.  If you have made changes to the configuration files in
+/kolab/etc/kolab/templates/ and the new release has a new kolabd package
+you may need to transfer your changes from the backups created by rpm
+(the *.rpmsave) files to the new template files.  Then regenerate the
+configuration with
 # /kolab/sbin/kolabconf
@@ -194,12 +192,24 @@
 Therefore, fixing the mail attribute as described for the upgrade from
 beta5 is important if you want your old distribution lists to work.
 Upgrade from RC2
 clamav will send an email Warning with unresolved configuration file conflicts.
 In /kolab/etc/clamav/ you can safely delete clamd.conf.rpmsave 
 and freshclam.conf.rpmsave. Later after starting the server run kolabconf once.
+Upgrade from RC3
+Nothing special really, only a note to avoid confusion.  This release
+uses a new openpkg base package and it's normal that obmtool lists the part as MISSSRC or MISSPKG.  The .sh part is only used for the
+initial install and is not required for an update.

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