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added hint that this does not apply for kmail of kde 2.2.2

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+++ migrate_kmail_client_account_to_use_kolab.txt	14 Aug 2003 12:29:22 -0000	1.2
@@ -4,6 +4,12 @@
 how you can switch to a Kolab Groupware account.
+<b>NOTE:</b> Don't try this without a complete backup of your
+Mail and .kde directories. Furthermore note, that this procedure
+seems not to work when you want to migrate from a KMail of KDE 2.2.2,
+but only if you have already a KDE 3.1 environment.
 (this procedure is not verified, please report if you can
 verify it works or tell us what was wrong via mailing list)

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